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New Roof Specialists

Top Roofing Contractors in Dublin

Our company, Dublin Roofing Specialists, has been providing all roofing services for Dublin and County residents for many years. We are a professional and experienced team of roofers.

We are proud to support our local community by preserving roof systems and maintaining the integrity of entire properties.

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Our Services

Dublin Roofing Specialists undertakes all aspects of roofing.  Here is a quick glance of our services:

  • We offer all types of roof and chimney repairs.
  • Roof upgrades including Fascias, Soffits, Verges, Ridges and Guttering.
  • Flat Roofing:  Traditional Flat Roofing services, Felt, Rubber and fibreglass.
  • Extensions.
  • Renovations./strong>
  • New Insulation./strong>
  • Dome Lights and Velux Windows/Sky-lights.

Guttering Services

The rain gutter (and downpipes) have two functions.

First is to collect rainwater as it comes off the roof.

Second is to hold the water in “storage” until the water is able to drain from the gutter via the downspouts. In light rains most any gutter system fulfills these functions.

If gutters become blocked by a build up of dirt, leaves, nesting materials etc., this prevents the water entering the gutter system and draining away and causes a number of issues including damp problems.

We provide gutter cleaning services, gutter repairs and new gutter installations.

It is advisable to have the gutters cleaned at least once a year to prevent any blockages.

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About Fascias & Soffits

Dublin Roofing Specialists carry out all fascia and soffit repairs and upgrades.

Fascias and soffits help support and keep the ends of the rafters of the roof dry. They are often known as the roofline.

Older properties may have the wooden fascia and soffits installed, these will need regular inspection and repairs. The weather takes it's toll and causes numerous problems, such as, rotting wood, woodworm, and can cause the rain to enter the roofline. If neglected, and are worn, the rain water can penetrate these areas and cause damp problems.

There are options and new upgrades can be installed which help protect the roof and keep the building/property dry and have many more advantages than the wooden fascia and soffits.

Dry Ridge Upgrades

The new systems, dry ridge systems, do not need mortar to secure the ridge tiles in place, we do, still, carry out traditional mortar repairs and re-bed ridge tiles.

The dry ridge systems ensure the ridge tiles are mechanically secure, so there is no need for mortar and are much more secure.

The advantages are that they are secure, durable, weatherproof and waterproof.

The old ridges are cleaned and any old mortar is removed, the ridges have a lining which allows for ventilation.

Dry Ridge systems are:

More secure, so less likey for the ridge tiles to become displaced.

Allow for ventilation, so helps prevent condensation getting into the roof space.

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Company Details

We are based in Dublin and work throughout the surrounding areas.


6E Ravensdale Park


Dublin 12

D12 AX99

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New Roof Installed

New Roof Installation - Dublin City Centre - 11 April 2023 to 13 April 2023.

Complete new roof, we removed all the old roof tiles, wooden battens and roof membrane and installed a new breathable roof membrane, treated wooden battens and new slate tiles.



Roof Repair - Malahide

Roof Repair on a property in Malahide, North Dublin on 10 April 2023.

An area on the front of the roof needed repairing.

If there are missing, loose or damaged roof tiles, this can allow the rain water to get under the tiles and damage the roof membrane and enter the roof space. This can cause more damage and lead to dampness within the home, which is a health risk. This does not necessarily mean the whole roof has to be renewed, often a small repair is all that is required.

The roof tiles have to be removed in the area that a leak has occured. The old roof membrane and battens are removed.

A new breathable, watertight roof membrane is fitted.

New treated wooden battens installed.

The original roof tiles can be fitted, providing they are in good condition, any missing or damaged tiles can be replaced.

All rubbish is taken away.


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